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Present SAVALI kennel in Ukraine

Kennel foundress Oksana Saliy started up with her husband Valentin in 2000,
Feb, 6 and named kennel Savali ( FCI 6/00).But the first Giant appear in their flat in 1991. The next dog was
the last daughter of Stablemasters East Wind in 1994, names Odessa. She brought
us first dog show victories as a one of the best Giant in Ukraine.

In 2000 Oksana exported from Russia first mini black female -Gloris Impressive
with perspective pedigree as well.

I would like to introduce more detailed about these devotees.

Oksana Saliy veterinary specialist, groom and schnauzer section leader in Odessas
branch of Ukrainian Cynologistical Union.

Valentin Saliy experienced trainer, licensed helper and working dog competition

Main Oksanas achievement as a leader is creation the team of confederates, who
really like and want to improve these schnauzer races.

As a breeder Oksana is building up the strong group of very quality dogs. Many
of these dogs were the bases for some another Ukrainian kennels.

Below you could find the our dogs main titles list :

  • 2 Europian Vice- Champions

  • 1 Junior Europian Champion

  • 18 Inter champions

  • 30 Ukrainian Champions

  • 18 Junior Ukrainian Champions

  • 12 Russian Champions

  • 7 Belorussia Champions

  • 7 Country Winners

  • 6 Bulgarian Champions

  • 5 Hungary Champions

  • 4 Poland Champions

  • 4 Junior Poland Champions

  • 4 Germany Champions

  • 3 Romanian Champions

  • 3 Slovakia Champions

  • 3 Czech Republic Champions

  • 1 Champion of Island

  • 1 Hungary Top Schnauzer

I hope isnt bad results for 8 years kennel history. The main factor of success
is daily hard work for favourite schnauzers. All start from special mental tests
of puppies, young perspective Giants have IPO training and take an examinations
for working diplomas. Some of them will become the security guard dogs as well.

Mini puppies also usually receive necessary socialization before meet with future

Many times spend for show training as well.

Oksana focused on the results, she is using creative approach in breeding and
pedigree combination based on genetics knowledge.

The very good trend, when our young dogs surpass in exterior, temperament their
forerunners. We can say that our kennel is school of developing of more professional
handler and grooms.

Currently Oksana receive interesting cross with World Winner and Europian Champion
in order to open new page in kennel history.

You are welcome to our web ( for more information, because
impossible to tell all in short article.


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